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from the Washington Post
from the NYTimes
from MSNBC...look at the 360 video
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Lucas Grindley's Blog
blog about tv news convergence
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Video Story Basics
Individual camera "takes"
Consecutive groups of shots in location--useful to begin with an emotion and exit with an emotion. Cut aways are very important to build the "entirety."
A "theme" not scene...using shots and sequences to build story
Sequences that drive to major turning points
How To's
From the BBC school
An alternative to shooting video
Shoot better web based video
From UC Berkeley
neo storytelling
Story teller = supreme being
control production team (even if one)
Motivated Technology
The technology is either useful or eye candy. Technology can be used as a detriment to story
Motivated Repurposing
When creating for one medium, it does not necessarily fit into another. Knowing this, stories can be crated for one and then tweaked, with plans at the crafting stage, to go to another medium
Story Enhancement
Visuals, Audio, Text all work together to connote meaning and understanding
Collective Skills
If you are lucky enough to have a team then the team also include back end IT support as well as photographers, sound folks, and writers.
Emergent Narrative
The user can control the layout of the narrative, linear styles become jumbled in a good way
This is what people want.
Buffet Presentation
Users come and go, they will load up on deserts and skip the vegetables unless under orders from their doctors.