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As of Jan 2007 I am not confident of the ease and efficiency of HDV and the new harddrive cameras. They look great and are wonderful to use but you need a lot of horsepower and additional equipment to edit "normally." So I still hang out in miniDV. This camera is a cheap camera to hold you over until they get the new format mess cleaned up. It is small, has BOTH headphone and mic jacks (albeit 1/8th inch) and produces good images and works well with final cut.

I am still using my Sony TRV 900 from 2000 for my personal work for both the web and for broadcast (it was autographed by Ken Burns)!

This is a "shotgun" style of microphone. I have not used this personally but have had students that have had good results with it. You can get it with a hot shoe and shockmount.
This is the one I use and I love it. When I need to "run and gun" without time to use a good laviliere microphone, this gives me professional broadcast quality. It is particularly good for interviews in crowded situations and keeps ambient noise to a minimum.
In wireless systems you get what you pay for. A good wireless lavaliere mic is an essential part for any documentarian. I love my Sennheiser Evolution G2 100. Now, here is the rub. No one has any idea how long these frequencies will remain unpolluted. UHF has been the best frequency to use to date, but I still run into interference on shoots. There are newer mics that use bluetooth but I have not seen them work and their range is fairly limited. There are newer (and cheaper mics...Samson, for instance) that I have not tried. But make sure you test in post before going with just any mic.
If your camera does not have XLR inputs you will need to get an XLR to 1/8th inch adaptor. i had mine built, but decent ones are now available for under $20. You need to be careful though, the mic inputs to most cameras are pretty fragile. I will usually tape the cable to the hand strap to prevent any mishaps to my input when someone trips over my cable!