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FInal Cut Pro LInks

Tools & Downloads
FREE Preference Manager is a great little program to help with the task of trashing all pref files in all FCP Studio programs
FREE VERY helpful conversion tool from a variety of codecs to a variety of codecs.
FREE Another tool to help with conversions.
FREE From Tom Henderson. Why just use 8 point garbage mattes when you can use 50 points! Useful especially if you don't want to do this in Motion (where you should but that's ok).
FREE From Creative Cow. These 5 filters include filters to help you create: FlashFrame, Reverse Play, Fix Exposure, add VU metering, and other plugins.
Color Filters FREE from pistolerapost.com. Some filters to correct your video or to make things look even more unique.
This is a site where, after registering for free, you can explore and use remarkably well done sound files. These files cover a whole spectrum of sounds.
This is a site done by Moby where he offers his music for use in independent productions as long as they are not-for-profit.
Information Sites
This is a great site with links to several other sites.
Ken Stone's site Ken is a dedicated user and "knower" of FCP. His site has been around for years. He also actively updates a forums page for questions.
Digital Media Net Has turtorials and articles on the industry of digital video production.
The Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group has an international reputation for knowledge on FCP. There is a great forums page with several software packages covered...note that Ken Stone also answers questions here!
A great site for all video info. Ceased to produce new content in 2007, but still has good content hanging around.
Check out the reviews before you buy, info crammed!