DVD Studio Pro
Adding a Button

To create a button, move your cursor into the Menu tab view window in the general area you would like your button. Click and drag out a button. Notice that the Button inspector panel automatically appears.

The name "Button 1" is auto assigned if this is the first button. This is the name of the button for programming purposes, it is not viewable once the DVD is burned. So, you need to put text into the button. You enter text via the Text box in the Button inspector window. I also select Shadow, I Center the Text Position and I Include Text in Highlight.


This is what the button will look like. However, even with the drop shadow added I would like to make my button stand out more...

If I go to the Shape pull down menu and select Apple Shapes...

...And go almost all the way to the top of the selection list and choose 1 Medium Square

This will put a nice, semi transparent box in my button area, making it more readable and noticeable.