Final Cut Pro Lessons
Compressing for video podcasting

Go to File > Export > Using QuickTime Conversion


Here, select the options button.


In the Video area, select Settings


Wow! Look at this box! This is where I set the Compression Type to H.264 from the pull down menu and then all of the other selections as marked. I will keep my data rate around 550kbs and look to see how it looks. A higher data rate will be a larger file but will also play better. If I need a smaller file I will change my Frame Rate to 15 fps and my Key Frames to 30. Don't mind the box that says "Unrendered."


Now click on the Size button in the Movie Settings box

Choose 320 x 240 QVGA and select OK .


Now select the Settings button in Sound area of the Movie Settings box

I use these settings mostly, as long as it doesn't make things sound bad. If it does, I change the settings . You should use the pull down menu to set the audio Rate to 32 kHz.

I leave the Prepare for Internet Streaming box checked and leave it on Fast Start, you are welcome to do the same. Then click OK


Name it and click save and you should have a beautiful and tiny video with which to amaze the world