Final Cut Pro Lessons
How to apply filters (aka effects)

Select your clip.  I double click on it to make sure.  When you double click it also loads it into the Viewer window. Make sure it is the clip you want by looking in your viewer window? Did I say this already? I did, because it is important that you are changing the right clip. To be extra, extra sure I put the playhead on the clip and watch the changes on the canvas window.

Then you need to click on the Effects tab in the Browser.


When you click on the Effects tab you will see a number of folders.


From here you go to Video Filters, by clicking down the triangle.

Wow! Look at all of those choices! To select what you need, click the triangle by the associated folder.

From here you will drag the filter (I drag on the icon) to your Clip on the Tracksheet.

Now go up to the Filters Tab in the Viewer Window and click it.

Here you will be given the parameters for making your changes. You should be able to note these changes within the Canvas Window if your playhead is over the selected clip.

After making your desired changes, the clip may or may not need to be rendered as indicatedby the red line on the scrub track of the Timeline. Any effect in boldcase usually will not need to be rendered until final output.