Final Cut Pro Lessons
Full Quality Export
You can export you clips from the timeline to a full quality QuickTime file. This is good for "flattening" the timeline, or if your clip is less than 3 minutes, you can fit your video on a CD-ROM! I will do this also if my clips start acting very strange and need to be taught a lesson about playing well together. I export them and reimport them.

Please note that this will put your QT file in a FCP "container...every time you click on the file it will open in FCP. You can drag the file to your QT icon in the dashboard to open it in QT or open it from the QT program itself. You can also save it as a QT file from QT to prevent the file from opening in FCP when you click on it.

Go the File, Export, QuickTime Movie...

You are going to make sure Recompress All Frames is selected and Make Movie Self-Contained is selected the click on Current Settings

Now, chose the appropriate codec you need to be in the US so I pick DV NTSC 48 kHz. Wow! Fresh baked QT, a hearty way to edit...Yum!