Final Cut Pro Lessons
Linking and unlinking is how you can separate your audio and video track from each other. You can either link or unlink a clip (the way I do it) or the entire sequence. I don't unlink the entire sequence because it is very easy to knock things out of sync. But, you might be braver than I, so go with the way that works!

First, to unlink from the track sheet, just go to the upper right portion of your timeline and click on the the amoeba looking thing (it is a chain link). When it is grey your audio and video are unlinked. That is all you do.


To unlink each clip individually, click on the clip and select the "apple key" (or command key if you call it that) (command + L) and the clip will be deselected.

You can tell it is deselected because the name of the clip will NOT be underlined. If you click off and click back on you can now move the audio and video separately.

Like this. When you want to relink, just select both the audio and video clip and use the commad + L key to relink them.