Final Cut Pro Lessons
Print to Video

Using "Print to Video" is the best way to ensure a proper video record to tape. You need to begin by making sure your camera or record deck is connected to your machine and they are seeing each other. If you cannot see the video on the camera, go to the trouble shooting section and follow the steps there.

Go to File, and down to Print to Video.


If you want, you can put down color bars and tone. Usually 30 to 60 seconds is all that is needed. I then like to use a slate tag where I put my name, title and date. Click on the pull down and select Text to input your information.


Now you can put in your information. 10 seconds is more than enough time to use. No matter what (even if you do not want bars and tone and/or slate) make sure you at least have 5 to 10 seconds of something before program. It is never good to try to add program right at the beginning of your tape.

Click on the Compression Type pull down menu

This is where you can select a countdown (you can also have it load your own countdown by selecting File from the drop down menu). I usually make it roll for 5 seconds after program and have the Final Cut activate my record function automatically (which is cool)! Then press OK.

You will get this screen, then click OK and sit back and watch your masterpiece be laid back to tape!