Final Cut Pro Lessons
Setting it up (in OSU labs)

In the lab there is only one way to save video files:


It is really easy to accidentally save to your network location on the server.  This is very bad and will cause numerous problems including the inability to playback. 

That being said, let's get started.

1.     Plug in your camera, turn it to VTR or VCR or Play, just not Camera Mode

2.     Start up FCP

It should start right up.  When open go to the menu item:  Final Cut Pro and select Easy Setup


Then select:  DV   NTSC the press the Setup button.


Now we have to make sure that the video you will be capturing will be going to the right place.  The right place will be a folder you will create on the RESERVED SCRATCH DISK.  To make sure that you will be loading to the right place, go to the Final Cut Pro menu item and down to System Settings

Here you will click on the set button at the top of the window

You will then choose New Folder and name it with an easy to remember name.

Type in your name and select the Create Button

Now you will do the same to the rest of the list (you will choose the folder you have created other than making a new one). This should ensure properly logged video.